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Unravel the secrets of Atlantis and explore the depths of your soul!

Adventurer, prepare for an epic journey to the sunken city of Atlantis. Its mysteries are ready to be unravelled! The Psilocybe Atlantis magic truffles are the most all-around sclerotia available. Beginners as well as experienced travelers love this forbidden fruit. The Atlantis truffles give a full-psychedelic experience but fall right in the middle of the power chart.

Because our warehouse is based in the Netherlands, where truffles are completely legal, we are able to send you these magic truffles. 


Atlantis magic truffles are definitely a popular magic truffle choice for beginners. These psilocybin truffles are in the goldilocks zone of magic truffles: Atlantis magic truffles are powerful enough to give you all the effects associated with psychedelics, while being medium in strength. That’s why it is the go-to choice for most first-time users that feel confident.

More experienced psychonauts can also benefit from Atlantis magic truffles if they want a more relaxed trip, while making sure there will be some visuals and plenty of other milder effects.

Best enjoyed in a group of trustworthy friends, Atlantis magic truffles are usually the best choice when it comes to choosing the right magic truffle strain for the first time. They are strong enough for you to enjoy the full tripping experience while still being soft enough to protect you from the craziest trip possible.


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