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An unparalleled ticket to the tropics!

Are you ready for a crazy tropical trip to Hawaii and back? Good, because that is where the High Hawaiians will take you! Expect intense visuals, great euphoric feelings and sunshine all over the place. High Hawaiians are by far the strongest magic truffles available. Only experienced psychonauts should consider this journey to the Pacific!

Because our warehouse is based in the Netherlands, where truffles are completely legal, we are able to send you these magic truffles. 

High Hawaiians, or Psilocybe Tampelandia, have gained legendary status. These extremely potent sclerotia contain lots of psychoactive substances and never let you down. No wonder psychedelic fans from all over the world love these magic truffles.

Users can expect a strong, full trip with all sorts of effects. Music will come alive, colours will become brighter, textures will go their own way and the mind will wander. This sunny but intense journey might stay with you for a long time. These truffles are only available in 22 g and pouch packaging.


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